May 08, 2007

Installer (MSI) - Windows Installer general information

Aaron Stebner's Blog

Common problems I've found while playing around with the creation of Windows installers is that if you break the uninstaller functionality it's very difficult to uninstall at all.
There are a couple of ways to attempt to repair, this
1. Force overwrite of the installer with a known good installer and then uninstall.
msiexec.exe /fvecmus
2. Repair the installer with a known good installer (Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs, locate you Applications installer and select "Click here for support Information", then select Repair from the resultant dialog, now point to a new location of a good installer)
Then Remove.
3. Use a tool name MsiZip.exe, it's available with the
MS Windows SDK, it cleans up the registry (the SDK installation takes quite a while).
4. A
Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.

The windows installer keeps a list in the OS of files installed by the installer, if you cannot uninstall because windows thinks one of these files is being used then try option 1 above.

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